Do You Enjoy Having Hot Water?

The alarm sounds. You groan. Pretty soon, you’re in the bathroom, but you don’t remember how you managed to get there. Then you turn on the shower. The hot, stinging needles feel awesome. Your body starts to wake-up.

What happens next is up to you. If you have an older gas or electric water heater, those hot needles might turn into cold icicles if someone else turns on a hot water faucet or fixture. And what happens if someone flushes the toilet on you?

No one deserves a morning (or evening) routine that has a high risk of misery. If you enjoy having hot water and you never know what temperature your water is going to be at home, then it’s time to repair or replace your hot water heater.

How Do I Know if I Need to Replace My Hot Water Heater?

We try to prolong our home repairs as long as possible. We do this all the time. We’d rather spend $1,000 or more on a new TV or something instead of a water heater. Sometimes we can get away with a simple repair and let that old girl keep producing hot water as much as possible.

Then there are the times when we just need to break down and purchase a new gas or electric water heater.

  • You’ve got water that is pooling around your water tank and it is causing the exterior shell to corrode.
  • Your water temperature just isn’t getting hot, no matter how high you set your thermostat.
  • Your family has grown since you purchase your last water heater and now you have to post a daily schedule to make sure everyone can get a shower and brush their teeth.

It can be tempting to keep using your water heater until its last, dying breath, but you’ll cost yourself more in the long run. A failing water heater can consume more gas, use more electricity, and fail to provide you with an adequate amount of hot water. Your utility bills are going to be higher.

That’s a bad compromise.

Go Tankless and Never Go Back

We highly recommend that every household consider a tankless water heater today. With flow rates exceeding 10 gallons per minute, even large families and households can take advantage of an endless supply of hot water thanks to this hot new technology.

Well, maybe not so new. The first tankless water heater that could deliver 1,000 watts of instantaneous heat was invented in 1927, after all.

Yet it is a technology that is new to many homeowners. We’ve all grown up with that water heater tank. It’s what we’re used to having, so it has become what we’re used to buying. That’s not to say that a tank-based water heating system isn’t a good option. It is. Going tankless just means you can have an endless supply of hot water.

That’s something a tanked system can never really offer.

So here’s the deal: you need a new water heater. You’re shopping around for a new one. You’re looking for the best price possible. You need help understanding this appliance.

We’ve got your back.

You’ll find real reviews here based on personal experiences and observations of each water heater. There is meaningful water heater advice for gas and electric models. You can then recognize when you might need to do some maintenance or get away with a repair.

And if you need to do a replacement, we’ll help you find the best water heater to meet your needs. Whether it is the best tankless water heater, the best gas water heater or the best electric water heater that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

You need hot water, but don’t put yourself in hot water trying to put off the inevitable. Let’s get your needs met today.