Are you tired of people trying to gouge you when you have a hot water emergency? I know I sure am. The last time my water heater went out, I was told that it would cost me over $1,500 in labor to install a new one… and then they were going to charge me $900 for a $600 water heater because I wanted hot water in 48 hours instead of 2 weeks.

I can’t do anything about local labor charges, but I can help you find the best gas or electric water heater to meet your needs. Technology in this industry is changing rapidly. Both tanked and tankless models can provide families large and small with all the hot water you can use… and then some.

Join me. Let’s start a revolution. We’re going to say “No!” to high prices and “Yes!” to the best water heaters that are on the market today.

James Lewis, Site Owner.