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Finding large gas water heaters is becoming more challenging than ever before these days. New laws, regulations, and requirements are demanding higher levels of efficiency, so manufacturers are sticking with 40-50 gallon models. That’s why the AO Smith GPVX-75L ProMax Gas Water Heater is such a good find.

Not only does it give you the extra size that your family or household may need, but it also offers a reasonably good recovery rate of just over 80 gallons per hour on a 90-degree temperature change.

The Features of the AO Smith GPVX-75L Water Heater

  • It offers a hot-surface ignitor that reduces overall energy consumption while offering a more consistent performance at the same time.
  • The gas burner on this water heater is rated at 76,000 BTU, giving you plenty of hot water support even when there are high demand levels.
  • Venting can occur up to 40 feet away from this unit with the right equipment and supports, allowing it to be installed virtually anywhere in most homes.
  • The direct-vent model features a two-pipe combustion system that draws air from the outside, making indoor ventilation an easier process.
  • As with other AO Smith models, the Dynaclean II dip tube helps to reduce the potential for corrosion. This risk is further reduced thanks to the Blue Diamond glass lining, a feature that exceeds the current industry standards.
  • This specific model also comes with side-mounted recirculating taps.

Despite some documentation that suggests otherwise, this gas water heater does not qualify for an Energy Star rating.

Why Choose the AO Smith GPVX-75L Water Heater?

This is a very user-friendly water heater. The electronic controls on the appliance are state-of-the-art, allowing users to have more control over the fuel and output settings. This gives you more precision when it comes to selecting a final temperature for your hot water. You can finally forget about this initial scalding or periodic freezing moments that occur with older models of a similar design.

We also loved the fact that some extra attention was given to the drain valve on this model. It is constructed from brass and it has been given an upgraded tamper-resistant design so accidentally triggering it is virtually impossible to do. It’s also been positioned for good service accessibility, which eliminates many of the maintenance challenges homeowners face.

Venting types that are approved with this hot water heater include PVC/CPVC, polypropylene, and ABS. It stands just under 71 inches in height, has a diameter of 26 inches, and is backed by a 6-year warranty on the tank and parts, though it is a limited parts warranty. Gas connection is a standard ½-inch, while the water connection is ¾-inch. Final weight is 277 pounds.

We found the AO Smith GPVX-75L ProMax Gas Water Heater to be a well-designed appliance which is designed to help large households get the hot water they need. It won’t fit into small spaces, but it will give you a low-maintenance user experience. Because of its consistency, it earns our recommendation today.

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