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It can be difficult to find the right water heater to meet your needs. Local options are often limited and you’re often stuck waiting for a shipment to come from a warehouse if you pick out a display model. With the AO Smith XCG-50 ProMax Tall Gas Water Heater, you’ll receive the perfect gas water heater for your needs in about the same amount of time a local warehouse will typically deliver their product.

By choosing the XCG-50, you’re receiving a gas water heater that can give you some distinct advantages over entry-level models that are often offered at local retailers.

  • It features Blue Diamond glass coating on the interior of the tank, giving this model a superior level of corrosion-resistance compared to standard glass linings that are used.
  • There is a self-powered electronic gas valve which utilizes thermopile to generate the power which is needed to operate the gas controls, which limits the need for an external power source.
  • It has also been given a microprocessor so that it can operate with efficient differentials, offering homes a faster heating response to changing temperatures because of the added sensitivity.

This tall water heater also meets all current regulations in the United States as set forth by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act. Texas and California customers may have additional documentation to review to determine compliance.

Why Choose the AO Smith XCG-50 Water Heater?

Outside of the superior glass lining that reduces the need for regular maintenance flushing, we were thrilled by the Dynaclean diffuser dip tube that comes with this water heater. This helps homes that have a higher mineral content with their water. It reduces sediment build-up extremely well, especially if there are high lime levels, allowing a consistent hot water output when called upon.

The control panel for adjusting your settings is in a standard configuration. It’s a little small compared to some other models, but still easy enough to use. There is a warning light which will flash to let you know if something is wrong. The manufacturer’s guide has a complete list of flash codes that will help you diagnose an issue which may occur.

It is a direct vent water heater. Connections are in a standard configuration, so if you’ve had a gas water heater in the past, the installation is quick.

The cycling on this hot water heater is a little slow compared to some other models. A complete cycle takes about 35 minutes, on average, depending on water pressure and access. This isn’t a problem for all families or households, but larger families may wish to look at models that can cycle in under 25 minutes for better results.

Outside of the slower cycling, we fully appreciated everything that we saw on the AO Smith XCG-50 ProMax Tall Gas Water Heater. Make sure the dimensions of the appliance will work for your space before completing your purchase and we think you’ll agree that this is an investment which makes sense.

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