Review: Rheem G100-80 Natural Gas Universal Commercial Water Heater

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Because of the changes to water heater regulations since 2015, you’ll find that there are many different sizes, shapes, and styles available when you need a new appliance. This can make it difficult to find a direct replacement if your water heater goes out. That is why the Rheem G-100-80 Natural Gas Universal Commercial Water Heater is such a great find. With its universal tank design which is created to save space, it will fit in most areas where you’ve already got a similarly-sized unit.

Of course, you don’t just purchase a hot water heater because it fits into a cabinet or meets a specific size requirement. You need features. Rheem has given this 100-gallon model a solid set of advantages that make it worthy of consideration.

  • It offers a patented multi-flue tank design which allows it to operate quietly and efficiently so that even the highest hot water demands can be met.
  • There is a low-profile automatic flue damper which further enhances the efficiency this water heater can provide.
  • The thermostat settings go up to 160F, which limits some of the scalding issues that can sometimes arise from units that have maximum settings of 185F.
  • It has been given an automatic control system which will shut off gas to the unit if the pilot light is extinguished for some reason.

If you’ve had a natural gas water heater in the past and are tired of dealing with re-lighting a pilot light that just won’t ignite, then this Rheem model is for you. You can literally re-light this model in seconds thanks to the simple, safe procedure that is outlined by the manufacturer.

Why Choose the Rheem G100-80 Hot Water Heater?

Replacing a water heater can be difficult thanks to the various configurations that are available these days. This standardized model limits the changes to a current setup that would need to be made. In return, there is usually a reduced installation cost for those who hire a professional to get this water heater working.

There is a built-in gas pressure regulator with this model that allows for an even gas flow when this water heater is in use. This allows for consistent cycling times, solid water pressure, and a pleasurable user experience.

To increase the efficiency of this unit, Rheem has installed a rigid foam insulation around the tank through an injection process. This adds durability to the unit because there are fewer air gaps and spacing concerns that reduce the effectiveness of the insulation. It is AGA, CSA, and ASME-rated and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. A professional installation is required for the warranty to be valid.

Not every home needs to have a 100-gallon hot water heater. If you have a business or a large family to support, however, the Rheem G100-80 Natural Gas Universal Commercial Water Heater is a good investment to consider. It is fast, consistent, and could make it cheaper to replace a failed unit.

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