Review: Rinnai V65EP Outdoor Low NOx Tankless Gas Water Heater

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Gas water heaters are often chosen because they are cheaper, safe, and effective at providing hot water when it is needed. The only problem that is encountered for many, in fact, is that there can be a lack of hot water during a long shower or periods of heavy use. That’s why the Rinnai V65EP Outdoor Low NOx Tankless Gas Water Heater is a good option to consider if your tanked water heater has decided to kick the bucket.

This model operates off either natural gas or propane, giving you the same cheap and effective fuel source that a tanked gas water heater requires. It is also certified to be installed for use in manufactured and mobile homes. With an efficiency rating of 0.82, it also meets many of the new standards and regulations that are in place right now – and it’s all done for a comparable price to tank-based heaters.

Features of the Rinnai V65EP Outdoor Gas Water Heater

  • This water heater offers users an enhanced level of scale detection, which reduces the risk of long-term damage occurring with the equipment. This feature also offers the potential of having fewer maintenance flushes throughout the year to keep the unit running properly.
  • It has been equipped with a temperature lock, so unauthorized or accidental changes to your water temperature are prevented.
  • The maximum BTU rating on this model is 150,000. It complies with regulations which require NOx emission levels to be 20 ppm or 14 ng/J or less.
  • Because it is an outdoor-only unit, installation is incredibly easy and venting requirements are very minimal.
  • Under optimal conditions, this hot water heater can produce temperature-specific water at 6.6 gallons per minute.

This Rinnai hot water heater comes with a temperature setting at 120F from the manufacturer. Once installed, it can be adjusted up to a maximum setting of 140F or a minimum setting of 98F. Higher temperature settings will reduce the GPM rating, especially if combined with cold source water. For some homes, the GPM rating can be reduced by as much as 50% when max settings are used.

Why Choose the Rinnai V65EP Outdoor Gas Water Heater?

The primary reason to choose a tankless model like this one is to receive an endless supply of hot water. You’re no longer bound by the amount of heated water that can be prepared within a tank.

This specific model also comes with an optional solenoid kit that is quite useful for homes that live in colder climates. The kit will allow the hot water heater to drain if there is a power failure, which would prevent frozen pipes and damaged equipment without drainage.

If you do want to have higher water temperatures than what is set by the manufacturer, you may need to flip one of the DIP switches.

For those who are looking for a small and compact water heater that works outdoors, the Rinnai V65EP Outdoor Low NOx Tankless Gas Water Heater is one of the best options that is available today. Give it a closer look and we think you’ll be as pleased with it as we were.

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