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Sometimes you just don’t have the space needed for a tank-based water heater. Some homes are smaller, built to be energy-efficient, and struggle to support a traditional system. That’s when the Takagi T-KJR2-In-ING Indoor Tankless Water Heater can step up to provide your home with the hot water that is needed. This natural gas water heater offers a 6.6 GPM maximum flow rate through 140,000 BTU so that you receive the best possible experience.

It is also a highly efficient water heater, with an energy factor rating of up to 0.83. This allows it to meet the new regulations that the US has issued since 2015 regarding water heater efficiencies.

How Much Hot Water Will the Takagi Tankless Water Heater Support?

We found that the 6.6 GPM rating for this water heater may be achievable, but is probably not realistic for most home situations. Once installed, if you only use one faucet or fixture, and you live in a warmer climate – then it is possible.

For the average home, we see the GPM rating being more accurate in the 4-5 range. That’s still good enough for the needs of most families, especially if low-flow showerheads have been installed in the home. You won’t be able to run the dishwasher, the washing machine, and take a shower at the same time, but with some schedule management, it does get the job done.

This means the square footage of the home matters less than personal usage of hot water. We found that this Takagi model works well for families of 4-5 people, perhaps 6 if a schedule has been highly organized.

What to Expect with the Takagi Tankless Water Heater

This water heater offers users DIP switches that are placed within the equipment housing. This allows homeowners to adjust their appliance so it can operate efficiently at various altitude levels. There are three settings available in total, with altitude levels of 2,000 feet, 4,000 feet, and 6,000 feet respectively. For homes that are at an elevation above 6,000 feet, this specific model from Takagi may not be able to meet complete needs.

Some homeowners may wish to perform a DIY installation with this product. It is possible to do over the course of an afternoon, but the water heater does require a 4-inch Category III stainless steel vent for it to perform as it should. DIY installations will also void the warranty on this product.

Scale was not an issue with this hot water heater at all. It handles hard water just as well as filtered water. Homes with heavy scale may need to clean out their equipment more often to keep the tankless heater working as it should, but that is the only adjustment we see needing to be made.

We found the Takagi T-KJR2-In-ING Indoor Tankless Water Heater to be a useful appliance that does exactly what it says it can do. Although there are some limitations for size and a professional installation is required for warranty access, we believe this is one of the best tankless water heaters that is on the market today.

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