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If you’re tired of dealing with corrosion with your water heater, then you’re not alone. Interior corrosion is one of the most common reasons for the premature failure of this necessary appliance. The Westinghouse 40-Gallon Electric Water Heater offers an affordable way to counter this issue: by creating a tank that is made from 316L stainless steel. It’s laser-welding to enhance the durability it provides and is backed by a 6-year limited warranty.

Offered in a standard size that many households use today, this Westinghouse water heater isn’t going to lag behind when it comes to providing hot water. It can deliver up to 59 gallons of hot water in the first hour of use. Part of the reason why it is so effective at hot water creation is through the design of the water connections. Cold water is directed to the heating elements that are near the bottom of the tank, reducing the hot and cold water from mixing.

This also means this 40-gallon water heater experiences a lower level of standby heat loss compared to other models.

Our Observations of the Westinghouse 40-Gallon Electric Water Heater

Although there is a reduced risk of the elements going out due to corrosion on this Westinghouse model, it is still a possibility. Most manufacturers do not produce a stainless-steel element, which means you’ll need to purchase one directly. This adds to the repair cost should it be necessary. You cannot use regular heating elements with this water heater because it could damage the integrity of the tank.

There are specific water quality stipulations which are included with the warranty literature. Households that have hard water, high levels of scale, or shifting pH levels will want to read this documentation carefully before purchase to make sure the warranty will apply to them.

It is a 240-volt unit, pulling a maximum of 4,500 watts. You can also upgrade this model to a 5,500-watt unit, which also gives you the option of having a 52-gallon tank and a 9-year warranty if you prefer.

If you upgrade to the 5,500-watt model then it can produce an extra 5 gallons of hot water per hour. The 52-gallon model delivers 71 gallons in the first hour.

Otherwise, this water heater is the epitome of what you’d expect for a “standard” product. The inlet and outlet is on the top of the unit, while the drain valve is located centrally on the bottom of the unit. The valve is positioned a little high to produce a complete drain, which only becomes an issue when flushing out the unit.

The energy factor rating for this water heater is 0.95.

We found the Westinghouse 40-Gallon Electric Water Heater to be a good, consistent water heater for those who want a standard setup. It gets all of the basics right and is generally easy to maintain, especially with the stainless-steel construction. If you’re looking to swap out one 40-gallon model for another, we’d recommend this unit.

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