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Two of the primary issues that comes up with an electric water heater is the cost of energy and the length of a complete heating cycle. That is why a gas water heater is often the preference. With the Westinghouse Residential High Efficiency Electric Water Heater, you might just change your mind. It has definitely changed ours regarding the effectiveness of an electric-based unit.

Here is what you can expect to see if this electric water heater is installed in your home.

  • It offers a 66-gallons per hour first-hour rating once installed. Afterward, it can produce 20 gallons of heated water to a specific temperature with a 90F-degree temperature rise. This rate can be increased to 40 gallons if the temperature rise is between 40F-50F degrees.
  • The energy efficiency rating assigned to this hot water heater is 0.94, making it suitable for installation in almost every jurisdiction.
  • Westinghouse has given this model a 316L stainless steel tank, giving users a natural way to resist corrosion.
  • Standby losses with this model are rated at 0.57 per hour.

As an added benefit, no anode rods are needed with the design of this hot water heater. As long as the recommended maintenance schedule is followed with this appliance, it has the potential to provide long-term supports for homeowners.

Our Observations of the Westinghouse Water Heater

The main selling point for this hot water heater is the stainless steel tank. That’s nice from a corrosion-resistance process, but it does nothing for the scale that might be in the water. The scale doesn’t seem to attach as quickly to the inside of the tank as some other makes and models, but you will need to clean it out periodically – especially if you have hard water.

Installation is extremely easy with the design of this model. The inlets are positioned on the top of the tank. You’re also giving an alternate T&P valve for a hot outlet. This is supported by two stainless steel incoloy elements that help to keep the water quality surprisingly consistent with this water heater.

We also appreciated the overall construction of the tank with this Westinghouse model. Many tanks have welds that look like they were made by first-week students. This model has been laser-welded to give owners a precision result. It is also backed by a lifetime limited warranty, which can be completed online for added convenience.

What you will not want to do is leave this water heater on a 20-amp circuit. It needs to be on a #10 wire with a 30-amp circuit or fuse to operate correctly. You might get away with a 25-amp circuit in specific situations. As long as the water heater fits in the space requirements you have and you can support the amperage, it will work for virtually any type of home.

The Westinghouse Residential High Efficiency Electric Water Heater is a solid buy if you’re looking for the best electric water heater to meet your needs. We were pleased with what it could do and it earns our recommendation.

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